Liam Mysteriis (liam_mysteriis) wrote in di_vers_ion,
Liam Mysteriis


Di-Version Set List

Pop Will Eat Itself – Def, Con.One
Laibach – The Final Countdown
Purcell’s Music for Funeral of Quenn
Melotron – Du Bist Es Nicht Wert
Decoded Feedback – Breathe
Die Form – Slavesex 994
Mentallo & the Fixer – Decomposed
QNTAL – Am Morgen fruo (Remix by Bruno Kramm)
Wumpscut – Rush
X Marks the Pedwalk – I See You
Nitzer Ebb – Join in the Chant (Front 242 Remix)
Frontline Assembly – Neological Spasm
Unter Null – More Hardc0re Than You
Das Ich – Engel
Funker Vogt – Time of Dreams
God Module – Resurrection
Icon of Coil – Situations Like These (Single Version)

Mr. Mysteriis
Hocico – Nothing Back
Cesium 137 – End Game
Grendel – Soilbleed (agonoize mix)
SITD – Laughing Stock
Agonoize – Paranoid Destruction
Electric Hellfire Club – He who holds the lighting rod
Severe Illusion – Penalty
Suicide Commando – Desire (wumpscut mix)
Funker Vogt – Tragic Hero (Apop Mix)
Infinity Machine – Our Hatred
UV – Code Breaker
November Process – Romad
Tacktical Sekt – Xfixiation

Velvet Acid Christ – Dial8 (Bound and Gagged by Din_Fiv)
Icon of Coil – Android
Evil’s Toy – Lucifer’s Garden
Frontline Assembly – Circuitry
Funker Vogt – Date of Expiration
Iszoloscope – Axel F(aussurier)
Combichrist – Blut Royal
Neuroticfish – WakeMeUp! (Club Mix)
Project Pitchfork – Existence (VNV Nation Remix)
Coveant - Call the Ships to Port
Noise Unit – Corroded Decay
Converter – Stand Beside Him (and stab him in the neck mix by Manufactura)
Shnarph! – Reden und Atmen
Wai Pi Wai – Strings of Infinity
Oil 10 – Is it Love?
Run Level Zero – Tormenter
The Retrosic – The Storm
Informatik – Flesh Menagerie (Funker Vogt)
Unter Null – Zombie Boy
Project Pitchfork – God Wrote
Wumpscut – Jvst a Tenderness
Judas Priest – You’ve Got Another Thing Coming
The Wake – Christine
Franka Potente – Believe
Apoptygma Berzerk – Unicorn
KMFDM – Megalomaniac
MDFMK – Torpedos
Leatherstrip – Sex Dwarf
Switchblade Symphony – Bad Trash
Velvet Acid Christ – Velvet Pill
Depeche Mode – A Pain That Im Used To
Provison – This Moment
Provisiion – My Only Question
Joy Division – Love Will tear Us Apart
The Cruxshadows – Winter born (club mix)
Diary of Dreams – Panik?
Wumpscut – I want You (:W: slut remix)
Terminal Choice – Injustice (Dark Club Mix)
Project Pitchfork – Existence
Wumpscut – Hang Him Higher
Project Pitchfork I Live Your Dream (Extended Version)
Wumpscut – Angel (Deejaydead Remix)
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